Islamic Virtues

…Everyone has the potential to have Omar (RA)’s blessed traits
But to unlock that potential they need to be shown mercy with faith…

It was another blessed day in the holy city of our deen
Some time after the Prophet (S)’s return from Hijra was seen
Our beloved (S) was performing the great act of tawaaf
His eyes concentrated in prayer, his walk was so soft

In the wee hours of the night he was alone without committee
When suddenly a man emerged from the shadows of the city
He came to the kaaba, and joined the Prophet in his action
Silently in their own ways until they reached satisfaction

But the man had intentions that were beyond rational thoughts
He wanted to kill the Prophet (S) hiding the dagger that he brought
His name was Foodaalah and he walked to the Prophet’s (S) side
Confidently gripping the knife he was desperately trying to hide

The Prophet (S) stopped and then turned and smiled at him for a bit
“Oh Foodaalah, what is it that you are conversing yourself with?”
Foodalaah then responded: “Oh Prophet (S), I’m worshipping our lord”
“It is this worship to Allah that I can assure you my word”

They both continued their tawaaf but then He (S) stopped again for a bit
“Oh Foodaalah, what is it that you are conversing yourself with?”
The noor was striking his face as he gave him full attention
“Oh Prophet (S), I’m worshipping Allah, He is best, he is only one”

The Prophet (S) then smiled at him cheerfully and carried on with worship
Foodaalah became nervous still gripping the knife he had equipped
It was a short time later, that the Prophet stopped again for a bit
“Oh Foodaalah, what is it that you are conversing yourself with?”

“Oh Prophet (S), I’m worshipping Allah by doing some dhikr.”
It was then that perhaps the Prophet (S) displayed an act of fikr. 
He (S) turned his whole body towards Foodaalah’s chest
And He (S) gracefully placed his hand upon the man’s breast

When the Prophet (S) turns towards someone his attention is at full
When he did so, his presence had perfect ability to pull
The heart of even such a man who’s intentions were most ill
And cleanse it out with Barakah until it reached its fill

When He (S) touched his chest it was filled with hatred and spite
Only Allah (swt) could foretell the events of that night
Foodaalah dropped his knife, with tears filling his eyes
The Prophet (S) stood for a time until the touch ended his despise 

“I swear to Allah, before you put your hand on my chest”
My hatred for you was more than you could’ve guessed”
“When you removed your hand, I could swear on everyone’s birth, 
there was nobody more beloved to me than you on the face of this earth.” 

…Everyone has the potential to have Omar (RA)’s blessed traits
But to unlock that potential they need to be shown mercy with faith…

Inspired by a lecture given by Shaykh Habib Ali al-Jifri

Poem: Shan Ali Siddiqi © 2010 


A pious man was lying sick in his bed
As he was reciting his dhikr away
A Shaykh came to visit and sat down next to him
To ask him how he was passing his days

He replied back with many tears down his face
As he began to explain his state
“I’m bedridden with disease and unable to rest” he said
So the Shaykh then closed his eyes to supplicate

The Shaykh then noticed the man fall asleep
A few minutes had passed before he awoke
There was a new found energy that he saw in his face
The Shaykh looked on as the man spoke. 

“I wasn’t able to fall asleep last night. 
I kept trying but it was without success
But after you came, I dozed off with a dream
With your prayers I was truly blessed”

"Before this sickness I would have a nightly habit
Of reciting Salawaat before I sleep
But last night was the first time in years I wasn’t able to
This immense failure had caused me to weep”

"So today, when you visited, I was finally able to rest
In my sleep, such a wonderful occurrence
I saw the Prophet (S) in my dreams, such a beautiful sight
I can say it was Him (S) with all assurance”

"He (S) came to me and said: ‘How I missed you yesterday’
'Your salawaat would greet me as you lied in bed'
'I didn’t receive your salawaat for the first time in years'
'So I decided that I would pay you a visit instead'”

Allahumma Salaye Aalaa Sayyidina Muhammad Wa aala aali Sayydina Muhammad Wabaarik Wasallim

(inspired by a lecture delivered by Shaykh Abdur Rahim ibn Dawud Limbada)

Poem © Shan Ali Siddiqi 2009

A Muslim Love Story

Summer semester was tough back in 2002
Chemistry wasn’t in class, but was between these two
A boy noticed a girl walking in the hall
He lowered his gaze, but that one glance made him fall

The summer was about hitting the books and playing ball
But he’d look forward to those few seconds in the hall
The opportunity to show her he liked her a lot
Wanting to talk to her from the urges he got

His lucky day came when she had dropped her book
He picked it up for her without giving her a look
She smiled and said “Jazaaks” and she walked away in style
He didn’t even get to see that she stared at him for a while

Not having the courage to find out more about her
He didn’t want anything shady to occur
So instead he went to the masjid everyday 
Asking Allah in duaas to help him find a way

His friends would advise him to get his game on
Encouraging him to forget his brain and to bring his brawn
But he grew up knowing better than that
He knew flirting would take him down the wrong path

He didn’t feel comfortable being other than his own
So he continued in his ways, not letting his love known 
Day after day asking Allah while he prayed
Oh, how the loneliness in his heart grew each day

Until one day to his astonishment she had disappeared
The summation of thoughts of what he ultimately feared
Where did she go? Would she ever come back?
Looks like his chance had slipped through the cracks

Lonely and depressed he started to walk to his car
And that’s when he saw in the parking lot from afar 
Her hand wrapped around a guy all happy and cheery
His heart suddenly went from depression to dreary

As he started to leave as a tear fell from his eye
She saw him turn around without waving good bye
The last thing he dared to think about was to stay
What’s left to do? Just go to the masjid and pray

Driving his car at dangerous speeds
His head filled with thoughts of what Shaytaan feeds
Bitter and upset over what had just happened
He didn’t want the advice of his family or his friends

So he went to the masjid, to talk to the Imam
Surprisingly his advice made him much more calm
The Imam told him about a story during the Prophet’s (S) time
Of a Sahaba (RA) and a love during his prime

The Imam told him about Mugheeth (RA) and how hard he fell
For a Sahabi named Bareera (RA), a woman very swell 
Persistently he tried his best and she would reject him madly
Yet, everyday one would see him following her again gladly 

The Prophet (S) tried to intercede on behalf of his friend
But little to His (S) avail, her decision wouldn’t bend 
After hearing about this news, suddenly Mugheeth (RA) changed his mind
And he thanked the Prophet (S) dearly for being so kind

The Imam was then interrupted by a call on the phone
“It seems the youth speaker tonight has some kidney stones”
The boy had an idea, he asked if he could speak to the youth
“I will talk about the Prophet (S) and how emphasized truth”

The youth fell in love with his honesty and his phrases
Every speech he would make would be supplemented with praises
Soon began the growth of the boy into a well known speaker 
During his free time, he would read, he was a knowledge seeker

The thrill of public speaking was his new found love
He was motivating and spirited, a gift from Allah above
City after city, his name grew as he spoke
His audience loved his messages as well as his jokes

One day his father called him and told him some good news
“We have a marriage proposition for you that we hope you will choose”
He came home immediately and he couldn’t believe his eyes
The girl was at his house with her family as a surprise!

Turns out she was a fan of his speeches for a while
She would follow his lectures closely, she loved his style
This was the first time he saw her after that day
Looks like Allah had finally answered all the times he would pray

Not knowing what to say, all his thoughts were unplanned
When suddenly he asked: “Who was that guy holding your hand?”
She said: “I remember that day, you looked sad like no other”
“And beside me holding my hand, was my own little brother”

“I’ve liked you since the first day that I saw”
“When you lowered your gaze, you had me in awe”
“You treated me with respect, just as a woman deserved”
“And you never pressured me with flirting, leaving me reserved”

“I didn’t know how to pursue you so I went to my dad” 
“When he saw all your speeches, his heart was so glad”
And from that day on, they prepared to get married
With his past feelings and thoughts long gone and buried

The Imam spoke at their Nikkah, in pride and glory
Saying how he never finished to tell him that story
Of how Mugheeth (RA) had moved long away from his obsession
Because Bareera (RA) had rejected the Prophet’s (S) intercession

And Bareera (RA) realized what her rejection had done
She rejected the appeal of Allah’s greatest creation
Just as Mugheeth (RA) lost interest in Bareera’s (RA) love
Love slid into Bareera’s (RA) heart just like a glove

She realized her mistake and accepted Mugheeth (RA) as a spouse
And they rushed to get married inside Allah’s house
The Imam concluded his speech and congratulated the couple
Allah tested their faith, by having them go through some trouble

And just like Mugheeth (RA) and Bareera (RA) loved each other forever
The boy and the girl continued their love story…happily ever after

Poem © Shan Ali Siddiqi 2009